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FitMethod classes


T2CQ_xPWcSImUGs5vXDGOc-OAVj_RjEzP74KVccpXvkThe staple of the entire program. The core of what we believe. The class that all other classes are structured around. Many years went in to perfecting this workout and many more will continue to perfect it. Classically FIT is a full body, high intensity strength training workout with a focus on building lean muscle tissue. We engage your muscles the correct way and focus heavily on form. One of the reasons CF is so important is because if your muscles can learn to engage correctly you will be able to perform more efficiently in all other classes. Full-body means we work all of your muscle groups equally. No muscle group is over-stimulated. A very balanced strength training workout. CF should be taken at least once a week to gain full benefits of FitMethod.


DF is a fast paced, full body high-intensity strength based workout that will also challenge your cardiovascular system. HIIT_DynamicBy keeping a constant focus on form and correct muscle engagement, DF’s workout is both physically and mentally challenging.


Our HIIT FIT is unlike any other “cardio-based” class you might have taken in the past. By implementing the principles of FitMethod’s strength training protocol, HF is a combination of both high-intensity strength training and high-intensity intervals on the treadmills. HF has 2 main concentrates of the way the class is designed: (1) Building strength while challenging cardiovascular endurance or (2) Building cardiovascular endurance while challenging strength.



While applying the FitMethod strength protocol, AB FIT maintains an emphasis on your core throughout the class. Your core remains the focus even as you are working the rest of your body by becoming the primary stabilizer to hold posture and engage muscles correctly. AF is full a body, high-intensity strength training workout, but applying a pre-fatigue of the core throughout the class to keep it working extra hard.


COMBO FIT is a combination of all of our FitMethod classes. There are 4 stations each representing a different FitMethod class: (1) Classic FIT – strength, (2) AB FIT – core emphasis, (3) Dynamic FIT – battle ropes. (4) Hiit FIT – sprint intervals on the treadmills. COMBO FIT is a hour long class. 


DiH7wlHfvnc3iXtR7lB9HXWyED5Vh-15VbPIyttosb8Stretch is the thread that brings the entire program together. All FitMethod classes focus on form to engage muscles correctly for maximum muscle fiber recruitment. We have found that most people have engaged muscles incorrectly for so long that they have trouble maintaining posture while exercising. Along with Classically FIT, many years went into perfecting the Stretch class. The sole focus of Stretch is muscle reactivation by releasing the musculature tightness that inhibits people from using correct form. This allows your body the ability to perform at a more optimal level during each workout and in your everyday life. Stretch is designed to release tension, reactivate muscles and improve posture. We recommend to take Stretch 1-2 times a week.


Pre-FAB and FAB offers Mothers complete guidance from the start of pregnancy to the workout directly after birth.

Our expert staff has more than 12 years of experience helping moms from start to finish. It is important to work with experts in the field that know exactly the changes taking place during pregnancy and the rehabilitation that needs to take place afterward. Our Pre-FAB and FAB programs are designed to do just that guiding you every step of the way. Instead of throwing you into fitness classes designed for everyone, we designed a specific protocol to meet your needs and transition your body into our F.I.T. Method classes. Our instructors will engage your muscles through the correct pattern they were designed to move, helping to improve posture and allowing you to engage your muscles appropriately throughout your day. We will train your body safely, efficiently and effectively ensuring you are getting the maximum out of each workout. The workouts are designed to get the maximum results in the minimum amount of time, because after all, your time is already limited! Our goal is simple: to help you look FAB, feel FAB, and be FAB!

All classes must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance. If client does not cancel at least 24 hours before a class begins, the client will be charged for the class. No exceptions. Client can either pre-register, or if the class has openings, you may drop-in for $20.


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